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NO PLAN B Costa Rica

Festival La Machine: San José, Costa Rica - March 9


Sábado 9 de marzo 

Hora: 8:00pm Función de Gala y Cierre de Festival 

Lugar: Teatro de la Danza (CENAC) - San José 

Artista: Angello Dello Iacono / más artistas nacionales en residencia - Suiza - Costa Rica


ADN Cultural Exchanges & Performances

A series of joint collaborations / concepts by

composer Ben Schwendener, and

choreographer Angelo Dello Iacona. 

The Premier of NO PLAN B

November 2014 - Green Street Studios, Cambridge, Massachusetts

“Gravity Arts presented an interactive performance by the dance company ADN Dialect, along with guest dancers from the Boston dance community and the MOBILE TRIOBusy with the construction of a perfect tetrahedron, artists improvise and face constant changes of space. It is now time for music and dance to come together in collaborative fusion - No Plan B is a place with no preconceptions or comfort zones, where individuals, through their reactions,  show their creativity . A piece that evokes the concept of the present moment and the permanent connection that human beings live with space and forces of the universe.”

The MOBILE TRIO: Ben Schwendener (keys), Kenwood Dennard (drums) and Marc Friedman (bass)
Choreographer: Angelo Dello Iacona
Lighting designer: Anne Dresbach
Live VJ and video works: Alvin Case
Sound: Clinton Vadnais


Collaborating again with Gravity Arts, the choreographer and visual artist Angelo Dello Iacono emerges with a « giant stave », defying dancers and musicians, for the pleasure of progressive jazz lover. A playful environment where musicians and dancers will literally create working axes bringing together movement and music.


Premiered November 2013 - Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center

  • Gravity Arts proudly supported the company ADN Dialect for the USA Premier of the Urban Shaman project, November 2013, to sold out audiences at the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center

  • travels the world to meet companies, theaters, universities or other professional structures wishing to join the Urban Shaman project.

  • Born in Switzerland as cultural exchange project “Urban Shaman” produces in few days of workshop, performances every time different, based on visited cultures, styles and guest artists.

  • “Dance brings people together” of that is firmly convinced the choreographer Angelo Dello Iacono, after having worked on five continents

  • The binomial Urban Shaman evoke both urban cities and our modern lifestyle, as well as the term “shaman” refers to the inherited wisdom of ancient cultures.

  • The creation of the final performance, is aimed to share the notion of TRANCE (common between cultures) through dance and music as a universal languages and vectors of humain values.