Creative outreach into the community


Look at your corporation, your organization, yourself. So many people have found creative expression although not at a primarily professional track through music, dance, poetry and prose, art and design, etc. What if these folks were all invited to create powerful professional quality performances together, collaboratively?

A former student of the Director of the OIE, Ben Schwendener, recently posted this on Linkedin: 

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GRAVITY ARTS STUDIOS (production, soirées, recitals)

Gravity Arts offers expansive space for groups and individuals to realize their greatest creative potential: A complete professional recording studio with an abundance of analog keyboards, Steinway, drums and other resources and customized instruction in a humanistic environment aimed at developing one’s own creative voice. Many recitals and soirées are presented here. In the past, Gravity Arts Studio 1 hosted bi-annual student recitals of original works. The Boston Globe featured this article: