Scale —the natural phenomenon of elements (tones) having a self-organized order
in relation to a single, central element (center of tonal gravity).
Self-organization of Scale (defined in this way) is due to laws and principles
found in nature, and have universal correspondences.


If it’s true in music, it has to have correspondences outside of music. This idea has been a driving force for developing and implementing this perspective of thinking into other fields. In 1999, Ben Schwendener was presented the opportunity to develop a class for the Creative and Critical Thinking Program at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. The idea that there must be organization coming from a universal level that informed the behavior, function, and relationship of elements of any discipline made intuitive sense. Schwendener agreed to design a course for non- musicians that mirrored in a broad way the approach he had developed in presenting the Lydian Chromatic Concept and Universal Musical Elements to musicians.  Each student begins with deciding on a final project—something that they are passionate about creating.