• Nightsong       Now in its eleventh year, Nightsong is ambient modal jazz improv + dance with Gregorian Chant (by candlelight), conceived by its director, composer, musician and vocalist Daryl Bichel.  https://www.facebook.com/nightsong.cambridge/videos/865052337019992/

  • Opera, poetry and geometric polyphony  use BOB

  • Paul Laffoley: Thoughtforms https://gravity-arts.squarespace.com/config/pages

  • Creative and Critical Thinking  http://www.cct.umb.edu




Scale —the natural phenomenon of elements (tones) having a self-organized order in relation to a single, central element (center of tonal gravity). Self-organization of Scale (defined in this way) is due to laws and principles found in nature, and have universal correspondences.