ZeitZone - The genesis of the project

The creators of this project concur that the time is ripe for performances of music and dance to provide spaces for spontaneous creation composed of group meetings and individual initiatives.

During the 80s, Kenwood Dennard introduced into American jazz the notion of Metajam— a spontaneous oriented dialogue between musicians valuing their individual voices in a creative way.

Now, through the establishment of Gravity Arts, as well as through his teaching approach of musician and composer, Ben Schwendener has extended the concept of metajam by building bridges between music and dance, and generating projects in perfect resonance with the humanistic values conveyed by this artistic theory.

Artistic director and choreographer of the company DNA Dialect, Angelo Dello Iacono shares the same visions and has traveled the world since 2001, thanks to the confidence placed in him by the Swiss cultural authorities, the committee that founded the company, and his working partners.

These collaborations have provided ADN Dialect fuel for the projects "Urban Shaman" (2013), and "No Plan B" (2014). Both were subjects of dazzling and unanimous success welcomed by the public and the media and revealed the beginning of a new generation of interdisciplinary cultural events—a-typical and out of traditional format.